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Earn up to 5.800 EUR in prizes with the challenge “Medellin...

Earn up to 5.800 EUR in prizes with the challenge “Medellin challenges you to rethink the city”

With the cooperation of the Government of Medellín, Campus Party Colombia 2013 launches a challenge where we encourage you to submit your idea for improving the city. The winner idea in each category will receive 1,900 €. The aim of the proposal is to improve and/or facilitate the life of citizens, with ideas that can turn Medellin into a (even) more innovative city.

To participate, you must upload into the Campus Labs platform a proposal at a conceptual level (valid as “proof of concept ”) to make Medellin a more innovative city in one or more of the following categories: Mobility, Security and Health.

Click here for more information and register. You have until the 31st of

October to submit your proposal!

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