01001110 01101111 00100000 01100011 01101000 01100101 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 0111011 0101001

Hidden in Code – Unexplained binary graffiti pops up on walls across the UK

The freehand work features faces such as the godfather of coding Alan Turing, code inventor Samuel Morse and world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee.  

Turing may be depicted as August will see the 75th anniversary of the Government Code and Cypher Schools (GC&CS) arrival at Bletchley Park. Turing led the team who broke the Enigma code.


The eye-catching graf, contains a yet un-deciphered binary decimals, challenging all who come across it to break one of the oldest forms of secret communication and work-out what exactly it means.

Commissioned by Campus Party, Europe’s biggest technology festival, and school for code-cracking, anyone who successfully deciphers the code, can enter it into a special location on their website, and have the chance to win two tickets to attend the event.


Mixing raw graffiti with complex binary decimals, these visual contradictions are set to spring up in London, Manchester and Birmingham as we work our way towards the launch of Campus Party at The O2 on September 2nd.


The graffiti images will be placed each week from the 5th August onwards. There will also be additional opportunities to decipher the code online through the Campus Party website, www.campus-party.eu, where all the imagery will be housed ready to be broken, with plenty more tickets to be won.


Digital Shoreditch – Phase 1 Complete! Check Phase 2 - Maida Vale Below!

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