From the moment we saw the former Tempelhof airport we knew it was the ideal place for Campus Party Europe in Berlin.

Airport Tempelhof

Tempelhof Airport is a place of global historical significance. Here, pioneers like Orville Wright and Ferdinand von Zeppelin made history in 1909, holding the world's first flight demonstrations. The airport became a symbol of freedom during the Berlin Blockade and the Airlift between 1948-1949, when Allied aircraft delivered fuel and food in one-minute-cycles, assuring the city’s survival. 

Once the largest building in the world, Tempelhof has been remodeled and updated and together, the former airport building and the 300 hectare park make up ‘Tempelhofer Freiheit’ one of the most spectacular and historically significant venues in Europe. 

Airport Tempelhof

Campus Party Europe in Berlin 360º View

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